Chair & secretary: Hildegard Garming, Thünen Institute, Braunschweig, Germany


Focus of working group

The main issue of the group is fruit economics: costs analysis, related to farm profitability, evaluation of innovations in fruit production, innovation related to climate change and sustainability. Furthermore, aspects as value chain analysis, analysis of organization systems for fruit distribution and storage and data analysis of automatic generated data for the fruit sectors are focus of the working group.



Establish research cooperation based on exchange of methodologies, discuss research ideas and results. The group aims at developing a common project to apply for funding e.g. for a comparative analysis of profitability of fruit production using jointly defined methods (such as the approach used in the agri benchmark network).


Cooperation with other working groups

The working group is open for cooperation with other working group for the economic evaluation of their projects.


We are open for new members. Please contact the chair if you like to join the working group.



Agroscope (CH), Centro Ricerche Produzioni Vegetali (I) Fondazione Mach (I), Kompetenzzentrum Obstbau Bavendorf (D), University Bologna (I) Thünen Institute (D) Wageningen Plant Research (NL)