Postharvest and Fruit Quality

Chair Name:
Dirk Köpcke (ESTEBURG – Fruit-Growing Centre Jork, Moorende 53, 21635 Jork, Germany. Tel: 04162 6016-120)


Secretary Name:
Krzysztof Rutkowski (Research Institute of Horticulture, Ul. Pomologiczna 18, 96-100 Skierniewiece, Polan, Tel.: +?? 48 46 8345 425)


Focus of Working: 

The mission of the EUFRIN Postharvest and Fruit Quality Working Group (PFQ WG) is to build the network of researchers interested in the field of pre-harvest and post-harvest aspects of fruit quality. The activities of the PFQ WG are aimed at encouraging cooperation between researchers. The main topics of cooperation are: methods and techniques used to determine fruit quality; comparisons between destructive and non-destructive methods of quality determination; fruit quality indices; legal regulations in the fruit quality determination; prediction of optimum harvest date; the influence of harvest date and storage conditions on fruit quality and storability; development of innovative storage technologies and their impact on fruit quality. Fruit quality investigation covers, besides the basic parameters, also health promoting components and their impact on quality of produce and human health as well. Taking into account fruit storability we focus on prediction and control of storage diseases and disorders and we are also working on drawing up a guide as to how to recognize the disorders.

The goals could be achieved by exchanging results from running experiments and/or ideas, preparing proposals and collaborating within the new projects, etc. The share of knowledge could be achieved by using the internet (possibly by creating a network) and/or  during the WG meetings.

The invitation is addressed to researchers but in case of specific events (focused on dissemination of knowledge) also other specialists interested in postharvest fruit research (extension service, commercial companies, etc) are welcome.



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  • 3rd International Conference on" Effect of Pre-and Post-Harvest Factors on Health Promoting Components and Quality of Horticultural Commodities ", 23-25 ​​March 2014, Skierniewice, Poland
  • Board meeting November 2014, Brussels

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